Santiago Path

The Coast Path, in Viana do Castelo county


Across the river Neiva by Sebastian Bridge the pilgrim is at the 'Castelo do Neiva' parish of Viana do Castelo county. Crossing the place molds arrives at Central Avenue from where you can climb to the church of Santiago, the oldest dedicated to the apostle, outside Spain. It is directed to Santiago de Perlinha, towards the neighboring parish of "S. Romão do Neiva. " Came to the place de Cima village, take up the former Royal Road, here called Camino de Santiago Street heading towards the Monastery of "S. Romao '. Next to Mount Crasto Lady itinerary deviates from the Royal Road, now forest path, to pass along Cenobio. Addressing now to the parish 'Chafé', where recovery Royal Road, through Alminhas and a way of the Cross, the path crosses several places in town to get 'Vila Nova de Anha "where passes by the Church of Santiago . Cross is now the Monte Faro, in the direction of Darque and Viana do Castelo, waiting for the pilgrim across the Eiffel bridge.

in Câmara Municipal de Viana do Castelo