Loureiro Escolha Datasheet


“Casa da Reina”

Chafé – Viana do Castelo


Vintage year: 2013
Vines in Organic Farming - Certified Naturalfa
Lot: 5000 L
Sugar Mention: Dry
Alcohol: 12.5%
Total Acidity: 8.1 g (Tartaric acid) / dm3
Volatile acidity: 0.4 g (acetic acid) / dm3
Total sugar: 2.4 g / dm3
pH: 3.0
Lineage: Loureiro
Quality name: Choose

Winemaking: The vinification method used is the "open spout," that is, is to build on the wort after pressed the grapes and therefore without the presence of other elements that make up the cluster. After "defecation", that is, leaving the heavier sediment solids, the wort is discharged into containers for new container which will ferment. Alcoholic fermentation is the chemical process of transformation of sugars into alcohol. This process is triggered by yeasts, and sometimes necessary to add them to the process begins. During the fermentation process control temperature (<17 ° C) in order to safeguard the so characteristic flavors of the wines of this region.
Internship in 316 SS vessel during five months

Producer: Cristiano Lima
Winemaker: Miguel Vilaça